What’s a premium domain name going to do for me ?

Great comment from EuroDNS Online Blog;

  • Your business will get a ready-made and memorable brand. Marketing costs will be reduced. After a one-off payment, your premium domain name won’t need promoting to make it a household name, it’s already there!
  • You’ll spend less on PPC advertising. Organic traffic will be greater from a higher ranking premium domain name.
  • Customers will know what they’re going to find on your site. So money saved on promoting your domain name to explain its meaning to your customers.
  • Boosted SEO, increased page ranking, and quality traffic. Because your domain name matches what customers are using in searches.
  • A money keyword/phrase in your domain name means you can use it in anchor/link text in a natural way, which will improve SEO. A money keyword/phrase has a higher ranking in search results because it matches what customers use in searches.
  • The trust and authority of a premium domain name will encourage reputable companies to link to your site.
  • A premium domain name will enhance funding and partnerships opportunities with established companies in your industry.
  • A short name works well on social media. Using a URL shortener on a long domain name turns it into meaningless characters.
  • More beneficial when used for advertising such on billboards, tv, banners, print ads.
  • Being short and memorable, and with no buttons to click, customers will try and be able to remember.
  • Word of mouth referrals are more likely and you’ll see an increase in direct traffic to your website.

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